Spokane Commercial Real Estate Vacancies

I continue to track the weekly data on commercial real estate but have not been posting the charts. Here is the chart for April 24th.

Updated as of Apr 24, 2011.  Data source: OfficeSpace.com

As always, each firm’s estimate of vacancies is calculated in their own way and estimates vary between real estate firms.

Kiemle & Haygood estimated an overall downtown office market vacancy rate of 16.5% at end of 2010. They estimate retail vacancies at 5% to 13.2%, depending on location, with the empty store front rich Valley area estimated at 11.3% vacancy. They estimate the overall industrial vacancy rate at 8.3% at end of 2010.

From driving around and seeing empty ghost towns first hand, the K&H numbers appear to under estimate the current vacancies. Similarly, the OfficeSpace numbers likely over estimate the vacancies.


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