381 Spokane groups lose their IRS tax exempt status

Go here and search for “Spokane”. (Two of the groups that appear in the list have Spokane in their name but are not based in Spokane.) The data base is provided by The Chronicle of Philanthropy.

Many have lost their tax exempt status due to failure to file required paperwork. Amongst some of the organizations on the list linked above are the

  • Washington Air National Guard
  • American Legion
  • United Steelworkers
  • Spokane Unlimited and Focus Spokane (economic boosters)
  • Spokane Valley Fire Department
  • Spokane County Sheriff’s Posse
  • Shriners International
  • Lions International
  • Knights of Columbus
  • Central Pre Mix (a non profit? It’s on the list)
  • Intercollegiate Center for Nursing

And many more. For many, this is likely a failure to file paperwork, possibly IRS errors due to similar names, errors perhaps in the database linked above, or some of the smaller organizations may no longer exist.


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