Spokane’s Weather really does suck this year

If you think Spokane’s weather sucks this year, you are not mistaken.

I just looked up the total number of days with precipitation in Seattle versus Spokane for the month of May:

  • Spokane – 17 days with precipitation – including 2 days with “trace” amounts
  • SeaTac Airport – 14 days with precipitation (corrected from 13)
  • # of Fair weather days in Spokane for Feb, Mar, Apr and May combined: 9 days

Now in the 9th month of winter, with an outside air temperature of 45 degrees in the afternoon of June 15, this endless winter has to stop sometime.

This week is no better. Seattle will have partly sunny to mostly cloudy conditions. Spokane will too, but with a good chance of rain each day, unlike Seattle. And this is the 2nd half of June.


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