KREM: “South Hill bursting at the seams with new retail construction”

South Hill bursting at the seams with new retail construction | Spokane.

I do not usually get up on South Hill but was there earlier this week. The difference between most of South Hill and the rest of Spokane and Spokane Valley is like night and day. South Hill mostly looks decent, a few trendy stores we do not have elsewhere, homes are mostly well kept, many of the retail sections are updated or newer. Tree lined streets make for a pretty and enjoyable area.

KREM-2 is on the top of South Hill and I wonder if their reporters get out to the rest of the area much…

Along Hamilton north of Indiana – its a disaster zone of empty retail and business space. Turned on a residential street and every other home was for sale. Passed several homes with 2 foot high weeds in the yard and a couple of homes that were boarded up.   This has become ghetto territory.

On Division, just north of the Spokane River: CompuUSA empty, Hollywood Video empty, the block long Burgans buildings empty. Across the street, several more empty buildings.

On Washington from Mission headed south – everything on the right hand side has for lease signs. At Boone, a bunch of empty offices on the left side.

On Indiana, just west of Division there must be 3 blocks of mostly for sale, vacant or for lease buildings, both sides of the street.

And then there’s Spokane Valley – a vast wasteland of empty space along Sprague and Argonne/Mullan Roads. And I’ve hardly seen most of the area.

This downturn seems to have hit Spokane very, very hard. I have not seen anything like this in the Tri-Cities, Moses Lake or in King County.



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