Caterpillar Announces New Parts Distribution Center in Spokane

When operational in 2012 and dependent on market demand, the Spokane Distribution Center is expected to employ 100 to 150 people.

via Caterpillar Announces New Parts Distribution Center in Spokane, Washington – MarketWatch.

This grows the trucking and warehouse distribution cluster in Spokane.

The above is a news story, not a data story – so here is the impact it will have on the data.

More jobs is good but local politicians are piling on top congratulating themselves on this without thinking through the consequences: adding more low wage, low skill jobs will reduce the local median income, increasing Spokane’s wage disparity with the rest of the state by even more. Bummer.

Caterpillar says they will be paying non-union local market wages, which appear to be about $9 to $11/hour.

The selection was likely made in part due to our focus on promoting the area for its low wages (confirmed) and low land prices (confirmed) and due to being bribed with $235,000 in “incentives” by the state (more here – may include other tax benefits too), just like the government funded training grant for PyroTek’s hiring of 20 workers or no taxes for 12 years for purchasers of Kendall Yards homes.

Would be nice to see a similar announcement with an internationally known company establishing a presence here (like, say, Agilent) and hiring highly skilled, highly paid workers – and to do so without being bribed, and coming here for something other than our third world wage structure.

The above story popped out at most local news outlets instantaneously this morning. Yet all but one have yet to mention the worsening unemployment report that came out this past Tuesday. Only the SR posted a “brief” item on the employment situation. Welcome to happy news Spokane!


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