Spokane Median Income Trend versus State of Washington Median Income Trend

This chart shows Spokane median household incomes versus the state of Washington’s household median income, with both adjusted for inflation in to 2010 $s.

  • Compare the red line with the green line. Green is the State of Washington and red is Spokane.
  • Compare the yellow/orange line with the blue line, where yellow/orange is the state of Washington and the blue line is Spokane.

If the data series are correct, and the inflation adjustments are correct, household median income in Washington has also fallen but remains just above the 1989 figure.

Data sources – see previous post.

I have government data for average wages per job (which is not the same as household median income). I have not yet had time to make the inflation adjustments to that data, and draw a chart, but it appears that average wages per job have gone up, which is good news.

Update: Funny quote from Taleb, paraphrasing McCluhan… “The median is not the message“. We hope!

One Response to Spokane Median Income Trend versus State of Washington Median Income Trend

  1. inlandnw says:

    I am hoping that I am doing something wrong in these charts but so far, have not found anything obvious.

    I am using the Washington Office of Financial Management data series and the US Bureau of Labor Statistics inflation calculator so these are from reputable sources.

    I found some 3rd party online inflation calculators, presumably from reputable sources, but they showed greater inflation than the BLS, which would skew the charts in a way that makes the charts look worse. I chose to use the BLS inflation adjustments as the most conservative of those that I looked at.

    The US Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) has a lot of data available as well, including the average wage per job series that I mention in the post. It will be a while before I have time to look at those.

    Regardless of which data series is used, it does seem unusual that inflation adjusted household median income has been mostly stagnant for two decades. That is worrisome.

    I hope I am doing something wrong with this data and am hopeful that someone finds alternative views. I have heard from one person who suggests he might have other charts that show the same downturns in many areas. The good news would be – its not just Spokane. The bad news would be – then its worse if its everywhere.

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