Spokane, King County and Washington inflation adjusted household median income charts

A reader who also needs to be anonymous, has provided an additional chart comparing Spokane County, King County and the state of Washington household median incomes, adjusted for inflation. The results are similar to those posted last week, but these show Washington and King County falling backwards in income over the period 1992-2009.

The lines to compare in this chart are purple to green to red:

The above charts are for the period 1992-2009, while the chart I provided last week is for the period 1989-2010.

For the period 1992 to 2009, all areas show declines in median income.

Differences between this chart and my Spokane County median income chart may be due to differing reporting periods, different data sources (see “After the break”, below) and CPI adjustments. Between 1989 to 1992, Spokane County after inflation adjusted median income rose by 1.4%. From 2009 to 2010, Spokane County median incomes fell an additional 2.75%, which is not reflected in the above chart ending in 2009.

The main takeaway is that after inflation adjusted median incomes have not done well over two decades. The median income is the value at which half of incomes are less and half are greater. This is not the same as average income.

Data and more commentary for the above chart are after the break.

The source for the above data table was not provided.

Actual values often vary between sources. According to the OFM:

This table contains estimates of median household income by county in current dollars; series revised 1990 forward. The estimation relies on both 1990 and 2000 census data. These estimates are based on past relationships between available socioeconomic data and county-level median household income. The estimates shown may differ from other median household income data developed from the Office of Financial Management’s State Population Survey, Bureau of the Census surveys, or other sources. Survey data, which are subject to sampling variability and bias, are not necessarily more accurate than the estimate data. For small counties, the estimated series may show large variations during certain periods.

US Census data is slightly different.

My take is that the confidence levels around the data points are not usually provided (unless you dig for them). The values should be consider as “plus or minus”. Therefore, small differences mean that charts like those shown here may vary slightly from one another.

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