Alaska Air eliminates cheapest fares from Spokane to Seattle starting in January

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Probably in response to Southwest Air eliminating Spokane <–> Seattle service as of January 8th, Alaska’s lowest fare increases from $68 to $83 (before fees and taxes) for a one-way flight. Update: Confirming that as of January 9th, Alaska will have a monopoly as the only provider of scheduled airline service between Spokane and Seattle. More on this in the near future.

Before Southwest eliminates Spokane-Seattle service on January 8th, 2012:

After Southwest ends service, Alaska’s lowest fare rises to $83.

The above are screen captures from checking a flight in early January using the Alaska reservation system. Jan 2nd is omitted in the screen capture because, being the day after New Years, there are no lowest priced fares available.

Update:  As of mid-August, Alaska Air has lowered the prices back down to $69 for January 2012 flights to Seattle! That is hopefully great news!

Spokane’s Trolley to Personal Profits

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“there’s no clear evidence trolleys bring growth, but it’s clear they’re expensive.”

via NEWS/COMMENTARY – Spokane considers an electric trolley.

If trolleys really bring growth, shouldn’t we run them in Hillyard and along the vacant buildings along Sprague in Spokane Valley before running them downtown?

Spokane area unemployment worsens in June 2011

The May report was revised downwards to 8.8% from 9.0%. June, however, came in at 9.1%.  The high unemployment level has remained constant in Spokane for 3 years running.


The total number of non-farm jobs increased slightly. June and July are typically peak employment months in Spokane. Its down hill from here, until a spurt of seasonable temporary jobs around Christmas. The unemployment rate is based on an estimate of those working and an estimate of those looking for work. As can be seen in the chart, the unemployment rate can and does go down, even as the total number of those working also goes down. Which seems paradoxical but that is due to how the estimates are produced.

Initial unemployment claims rose, although “continuing” claims went down. The latter could have gone down because workers found jobs or because they reached the end of their unemployment benefits and gave up looking for work.


Good thing we will be cutting bus service while building a downtown trolley and pouring more concrete out at the under used Spokane (Not) International Airport!

Post Office Considers Closing Spokane Area Postal Offices

Expanded Access Study List – Washington.

Spokane area post offices on the list for potential closure:

  • Dishman post office
  • Hillyard post office
  • Parkwater post office

Southwest Airlines to end all Spokane-Seattle flights

Southwest Airlines to end all Spokane-Seattle flights. They hope to restore service next spring.

That leaves Horizon as the main option, which means Horizon will raise their fares, for sure (updatelooks like they eliminated their cheapest fares).  All services between Spokane and Seattle will be ended as of January 8thIt appears short haul services are dying, which will further isolate Spokane.

More signs of Spokane’s booming economic engine.

2009-2011 passengers counts were already below 1996 levels before this announcement. After this announcement, it only gets worse.

REMINDER: The airport is a proxy for the local economy. The fall off in flights, non-stop destinations and passengers is primarily a reflection of the local and national economy . The data suggest that Spokane’s economy is doing worse than elsewhere. The data presented do not mean that airport management is (presently) doing a bad job, although their PR spin is amusing.

Spokane electric bus trolley approved by City Council

According to an email I received, the Spokane City Council approved the STA’s renamed “Central City” electric bus line, running 3 miles from Browne’s Addition to Gonzaga and Avista. I have not independently verified that this is true but the email was sent by an attendee.

Last week’s July 20th STA meeting to publicly discuss the electric bus was abruptly cancelled. The STA then, apparently, held another meeting at the end of the week to approve the electric bus line. KXLY reported this at 5:15 pm on Friday.

The Spokesman-Review hid this development from their readers.  Why? As of Monday, the SR had not reported on the STA approval last Friday and never reported that this would be fast tracked to their City Council for a vote on Monday night. It gives the appearance that the Spokesman-Review withheld important news from their readers in order to keep opponents away from the Council meeting.  The Spokesman-Review is owned by the Cowles dynasty who is said to be the single largest downtown property owner and will be a large beneficiaries of the taxpayer’s money.

The vote on this resolution appears to have been rammed through as quickly and in as much secrecy as they could muster -even spanning the first nice weather weekend of the summer, when people are vacationing.  For a newspaper that wants to be fair and balanced, one might think they would have gone out of their way to avoid an appearance of censoring the news.  Someone there made a decision to make an error of omission and censor important news for Spokane residents.

Update: The Spokesman-Review had no trouble publishing the Council’s vote within hours of the vote.  Opinion: It is apparent that the Spokesman-Review is a propaganda arm in the Last Company Town in America. I previously dismissed such conspiracy talk – but we just watched this with our own eyes. My views on the SR and Spokane have changed as result of this.

For those new to this story, the Spokane Transit Authority is in the midst of cutting back about 20% of its buses for everyone else. Much of Spokane lies in decay. The primary purpose of the downtown choo choo bus is to loot taxpayers to enrich the downtown overlords.

As noted in a post below, Spokane is an economic wreck. The reason is because of continuing and longstanding mal-investment in activities that do not provide a useful return on investment for the many. Spokane’s power elite are ensuring that they will do well while most of the city continues to suffer and decay into the Northwest’s Detroit.

Here’s a snapshot of the July 20th meeting cancellation that appeared on the STA web site – this was probably part of the orchestration to fast track the STA electric bus and ram it through before the public would realize what just took place.

Update:  Was this actually two meetings scheduled both at 5:30 pm, in the same room, but only the second half was canceled? Talk about confusing! Could you tell from the following that the first topic was not canceled?

After watching this subversion of democracy first hand, I now understand why Spokane’s economy is a wreck. Welcome to Spokane!