Alaska Air eliminates cheapest fares from Spokane to Seattle starting in January

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Probably in response to Southwest Air eliminating Spokane <–> Seattle service as of January 8th, Alaska’s lowest fare increases from $68 to $83 (before fees and taxes) for a one-way flight. Update: Confirming that as of January 9th, Alaska will have a monopoly as the only provider of scheduled airline service between Spokane and Seattle. More on this in the near future.

Before Southwest eliminates Spokane-Seattle service on January 8th, 2012:

After Southwest ends service, Alaska’s lowest fare rises to $83.

The above are screen captures from checking a flight in early January using the Alaska reservation system. Jan 2nd is omitted in the screen capture because, being the day after New Years, there are no lowest priced fares available.

Update:  As of mid-August, Alaska Air has lowered the prices back down to $69 for January 2012 flights to Seattle! That is hopefully great news!


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