Boeing to build new 737MAX airliner – but where? Not in Spokane.

Business & Technology | Boeing says new 737Max has nearly 500 commitments | Seattle Times Newspaper.

Boeing has not yet selected the manufacturing location for the new plane but says it will not be South Carolina and is considering sites other than Renton, Wa.

Boeing once had a sub assembly facility in Spokane, opening in about 1990 but sold it in 2004. The buyer cut existing pay by up to 15%, with new hires making half of what Boeing had paid. GSI would like Boeing to consider Spokane because of our low wages and cheap land.

Update Nov 30th, 2011: Boeing has selected Renton. I read the Accenture consultant’s report and while Spokane’s bid was okay, it was missing key elements, such as a strong engineering force, university R&D and graduate programs in engineering (Spokane has zero). The main advantage for Spokane was – low wages and cheap land.

Greater Spokane Inc (GSI) and some of the media got way ahead with the hype. KXLY ran a story over the weekend saying that Spokane was the “top spot“.

The hype said Spokane was a top contender but then after the Renton announcement, the spin is that Spokane was never bidding for the plant, but only for supplier opportunities. May be in the distant future, if 737MAX production expands, would they consider other locations for a 737 factory.


Back in Spokane, the County’s Engineering and Roads Department has a sizable layoff. There’s not much work for them to do around here now that the sewer lines have been installed.