Zombie Buildings: Empty Factory Outlet Mall

Halloween is coming. My local grocery store had the Halloween candy piled high for Labor Day weekend!

Guess its time for some scary posts.  How about Zombie Buildings of Spokane and area?

The former Factory Outlet Mall in Post Falls, serving the combined Spokane-Kootenai MSA is now vacant. Roughly one quarter mile long, the north section is 94% vacant. Across the street, the south section is 100% vacant. When I saw this a couple months back, I was scared.

North Side – 94% vacant.

South Side – 100% vacant. Just to the east, there are more vacant buildings not connected to this complex.

According to an article in the Seattle Times, factory malls are expanding.

Simon Property Group, owner of Seattles Premium Outlet stores at the Tulalip Tribes Reservation, also is planning a 100,000-square-foot expansion next year. Built in 2005, the mall has a collection of 120 stores, according to the companys media release. Some tenants include Calvin Klein, Coach, Cole Haan, DKNY, J.Crew and Tommy Hilfiger that generates $720 in sales per square foot.

At a time when the rest of the retail landscape is still in recovery mode, a rising star has emerged: the outlet mall.  Budget-minded shoppers are flocking to outlet centers in search of name brands at reduced prices. Retailers, which are struggling to persuade discount-trained shoppers to pay full price at their regular locations, are increasingly looking to open outlet stores.

via Business & Technology | Outlet malls expand to meet demand | Seattle Times Newspaper.


3 Responses to Zombie Buildings: Empty Factory Outlet Mall

  1. RC Schmidt says:

    How sad. But, if you’re not working, or you’re underpaid, you’re not spending. Are you listening, employers?

  2. Related, or unrelated, I don’t know, but there’s ongoing planning and environmental work on a NEW interchange on I-90 one mile west — to evidently feed Cabelas and WalMart at the state line. If this particular outlet mall is dead, then the planned interchange will pretty much guarantee it won’t be coming back.

  3. inlandnw says:

    Good points!

    I had not thought of the impact of the Cabelas/Walmart supermall/interchange in terms of this but that would make life for this former factory mall outlet really tough, for a long time to come.

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