Spokane: When News Breaks …

The Spokesman-Review is appropriately and doing a good job reporting that the police chief and assistant police chief have both announced their resignation. That would be real news.

But over on KHQ.com – and this is not Photoshopped – this is the main breaking news item at the top left of the main page on KHQ:

KHQ has a 5+ minute “discussion” on this incredibly important, earth shattering news item, based on a photo that appeared on Facebook.  This is breaking news in Spokane.

Unbelievable. An embarrassment to Spokane.


2 Responses to Spokane: When News Breaks …

  1. EJI says:

    On a slightly similar but not altogether directly related note, the assortment of twits and jackasses that serve as Spokane’s local news anchors take the already abysmal standard of American local news to a new low. No matter which channel I happen to turn to — KXLY, KREM, KHQ — it’s the same group of condescending, puerile, dull, self-important, talentless bobbleheads. There’s at least one female anchor that’s always waging a losing battle with the teleprompter; the overwhelming sense of pity detracts from the comedic value.

    And I might as well mention that the stations’ websites are steaming piles of dog feces that make MySpace look like the apex of Web design.

    An embarrassment to Spokane indeed.

    There, I’ve said my piece. I’ll take my soapbox and go back to my own blog.

  2. inlandnw says:

    I think your comments hit the mark, but I was trying to be polite … anyway, you left me laughing out loud as your description is true!

    Having dropped cable/satellite TV, we now enjoy actual real life instead of other people’s lives 🙂 We rarely watch local TV news either unless something really big is going on, like someone flying their flag upside down …