Cowles family businesses dominate local online media

Online Media Market share in Spokane.

  • 32.2%
  • 26.8%
  • 23.5%
  • 18.6%
  • 6.0%

NWCN is a regional news service and not focused on Spokane. Not sure why they included it. The above totals 107.1%, so presumably this reflects people visiting more than one website.

The Cowles family owns both KHQ and the Spokesman-Review for a 55.7% marketshare.  The survey does not include the Spokane Journal of Business, which is also owned by the Cowles family.  The Spokesman-Review sees 4 million page view per month from 650,000 unique IP addresses. Translated to daily values, that is about 133,000 page views per day and 21,667 unique IP addresses per day.

When the online media and the printed newspaper circulation are combined, Cowles Publishing continues to dominate the local ad market.

Of interest, a new online service is going to soon offer viewing of KATU, KXLY and KHQ online, for a fee. You can also watch them over-the-air for free.

Other data buried in a hidden link, 29% of area residents have no home Internet connection and 65% have a broadband (fast) Internet connect.  Just 22% visited a newspaper web site during the preceding month and 26.5% visited a TV station web site.

The 3 largest groups of advertisers are autos, real estate and job recruitment ads, with the latter two dominating the ad market.



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