Zombie Buildings: Spokane Valley

Out in the Spokane Valley, the unfortunately named Opportunity Mall. Only two stores are left in the main complex. This is scary – as scary as the empty Factory Outlet Mall in Post Falls.

Most of the businesses that had been here packed up and moved down the road (or across the street) to new digs that became available due to all the vacancies. This has been empty for more than a year now.

Spokane Valley: Along Sprague, there is roughly a block of empty buildings near here extending further off to the right.  I just went by this corner and the weeds outside the old University Appliance store are 3 to 4 feet high now.


Along Sprague. Would make for a good haunted house … been vacant for years, I think. What was this?


3 Responses to Zombie Buildings: Spokane Valley

  1. laura says:

    Last picture….

    That was at the University mall or “U-mall” as all the teens called it….

    BTW, I think that building itself was the Lamonts? I could be wrong.

  2. laura says:

    Dur….It was called “U-city mall” for University city

    Why they called it a city? I totally do not know.

  3. inlandnw says:

    Thanks for the tip on the Lamonts. May be. I looked that up and found this Wikipedia article on The Crescent, which later merged with Frederick and Nelson, and then still later, become a Lamonts store. The photo in the wikipedia article is now the call center, I think.

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