Greater Spokane Inc acknowledges 60% drop in Spokane Top Tech Companies

The details are here.

Their list of about 50 “Top High Tech Companies” in Spokane has been revised to about 20. And 5 of those are not what we’d call “high tech” if they were in Seattle or Silicon Valley. Another list says there were once 150 companies … cool … we’ve gone from 150 to 15.


3 Responses to Greater Spokane Inc acknowledges 603 drop in Spokane Top Tech Companies

  1. art lande says:

    Oh pls.Get real.U Can’t trust the 150 number, which came out of the marketing-crazed minds of those pushing the terabyte triangle, hotZone idea. No way 150 was any number worth considering.

  2. inlandnw says:

    You make my point. I wrote about that 150 estimate a long time ago. No one knows where that number came from. Its quoted, to this day, on most every local promotional web site, as still being true today. I pointed out that it was odd that the number had not changed in at least 8-10 years! It has not gone up nor had it gone down.

    The claim varies between over 150 high tech companies make their home in downtown Spokane, to over 150 high tech companies make their home in Spokane or the area. I even saw with a specific number like “154 high tech companies”.

    I suspect it was a fictitious made up PR number that sounded good once upon a time.

    A big point I have tried to make with this web site is that honesty is a better policy than making up feel good press releases. By being honest, we can work to address solutions.

    Some one sent me a quote that was about working in business but applies here too – “He who best describes the problem is most likely to find a solution”. But as long as we engage in a fantasy world of silly claims that are not believable, we will not make forward progress.

  3. inlandnw says:

    For real amusement, check out this web site

    Old, out dated.

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