Spokane County fair attendance

This is in 2004:

But fair attendance has been going down for years. This year, it was less than half what it was in 1989.

via Lagging fair attendance a quandary for county – Spokesman.com – Nov. 10, 2004.

  • 2009 down 6% from 2008. Blamed on a criminally insane killer who escaped when taken to the fair by Eastern State Hospital.
  • 2010. Down 14 percent from 2009, blamed on the weather.
  • 2011. The Fair and the news did not publish an attendance figure for 2011.

This is after about $12 million in improvements were added to the Fairgrounds as part of the Convention Center expansion a few years earlier.

Too bad. The Fair is fun. Much of the decline is likely due to people less interested in traditional, agriculture-themed fair experiences and more alternatives for recreational activities today.

Update January 2013: Here’s a chart found on the EWU web site that includes Fair attendance and confirms the declining attendance.



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