Zombie Buildings: Argonne/Mullan roads, Spokane Valley

Argonne Road and Mullen Road. For sale/For lease/Vacant signs appear every 300 feet down both sides of both roads.

The photo, below, is just a tiny bit at the north end of Mullen Rd.  The vacant lot, at right, was were a building collapsed from heavy snow 2 or 3 years ago (I think). This photo was taken last spring – looks like they have remodeled the lot into an (empty) retail mall now.

Down the street, off the edge of the photo, there is is a large retail or office space that is empty, plus a vacant unit in the adjoining strip mall. Across the street – more vacancies. Drive down Argonne and Mullan and see if you can count all the For Sale, For Lease, Vacant signs.  The vacant offices along Argonne are  scary.

There are six real estate signs visible in this photo, and a 7th that is hidden behind one of the others. About a mile of Mullan and the adjoining Argonne are like this. This photo was taken from the same spot as the above.  You can click on the photo to get a larger image.

And then in the small town of Millwood along the only main street in town – 4 of 6 shops gone (but 1 more space filled in since this photo was taken months ago).

Not shown, but one block to the south, there is another Hollywood Video closed and vacant, a Chinese restaurant closed and vacant, and a retailer that moved elsewhere leaving more holes. A little further down, Scotty’s Bar is gone and covered with weeds, Taco Bell is gone, Marie Calendar’s restaurant is gone, and across the freeway, the Perkins restaurant is gone.  Fukushima or Chernobyl – take your pick! And what’s with the daily structure and building fires around here? A few years ago, the trend was about 1 or 2 fires per week over an area larger than the County.

These photos were taken months ago  – some things have changed at some locations since these photos were taken. I have more photos but have lost interest in trying to make a difference as Spokane’s decades long urban decay continues. 

The situation is pretty scary. Happy Halloween and watch out for the Zombies. Dead cities have a lot of Zombies. More on this in my last post, which like most of the posts you’ve read the past 7 weeks, was pre-written long ago but has not yet been scheduled. Yeah, the last post. Really.

Zombies in Plain English

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