Radiation Monitoring in Spokane

Hey – its a chart! Spokane, WA Real Time US Gamma And Beta Radiation Monitoring 

Why the recent spike in radiation?

This is way outside my expertise but guessing it is associated with wildland fire smoke – burning trees may release natural (or not natural) radiation collected in or on the trees?

Thoughts? Other PNW monitors did not show this spike which lends some credence to the wildland fire idea.

Update (and speculation): I have been told that over time, radioactive isotopes may land on the soil, and over time, these isotopes may be taken up by plant growth.  The use of plants is a known method of remediation used to remove radioactive isotopes from contaminated soil  The spike below, is  likely due to recent wildland fires in Eastern Washington. Where did the radioactive isotopes originate? Can only guess – Hanford, Chernobyl, Japan’s nuclear reactors, long ago above ground nuclear bomb tests … which cumulatively precipitated out of the atmosphere on to the ground over many decades, and were gradually taken up into the plants and trees. Once burned, these isotopes are released all at once. As best I can tell, these levels remain in the “ok” category but I am no expert.

More information: EPA’s RadNet

Here’s the EPA’s own chart for the previous 7 days:

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