Annual Days of Sunshine in Spokane

The weather this spring is awesome, isn’t it?

But how does Spokane’s weather stand up, by the numbers?

Annual Days of Sunshine in Washington – Current Results.

Spokane’s days of sunshine per year (on average) is surprisingly similar to Seattle. Not what many of us might have expected.

For Washington:

Some how, Spokane PR has converted 174 days into 260 days of sunshine, which is not true. (Update July 2018: Cities all across the U.S. claim they have “300+” days of sunshine-but it is completely bogus. Long ago, someone measured the number of days in which the sun shone for at least one minute. Yes, one minute. If there was a brief bit of sunlight on an otherwise cold and snowy day, that got counted as a “day of sunshine”. The metric is bogus and useless – yet visitor bureaus and local chamber of commerce groups routinely promote their city as having “300+” days of sunshine. Spokane manages to only rank 260 days with at least one minute of sunshine, however.)

For Oregon:

For Idaho:

How are those weather terms defined?

  • If the sun shines for 70% of the day time or more, its a “Sunny” day.
  • If the sun shines for between 21% and 69% of the day, its “Partly Sunny or Partly Cloudy” day. What’s the difference? The sun doesn’t shine at night so we call it “Partly cloudy”.
  • If the sun shines for less than 20% of the day, its “Cloudy”.

4 Responses to Annual Days of Sunshine in Spokane

  1. vivek says:

    Glad I hit upon your blog. Was thinking of working on documenting life in Spokane for outsiders. May still do.

  2. inlandnw says:

    Do it! A possible angle is to look at what we think about our area versus what the reality is – the weather chart is a good example.

    The weather chart is a good example – everyone thinks we are sunnier and warmer than Seattle. And we are, but not by nearly as much as most seem to believe.

    When we set expectations wrong for visitors or those moving into the area, they will soon figure out how things are and leave them with feelings of betrayal. Better to be a straight shooter.

    Feel free to reference the data on this web site, and the links to other data sources that are spread throughout the articles and more in the right hand column.

  3. vivek says:


  4. I moved to Spokane after hearing sunny days were over 200 annually. I have been here 14 years now and realized it was for the four seasons that I chose Spokane. I have not been disappointed. There is so much to get involved in sports and hobby-wise. I am never bored and am very happy with the decision to relocate here. Thank you Spokane.

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