Bloomsday Participants – Percent Men versus Percent Women

Why are guys no longer participating as much in Bloomsday?


Also, the terrorists won.  Total victory.

Spokane to ban all backpacks and gym bags along entire course, says the Spokesman-Review.  The police Chief, in a massive anti-environment move, says people should wear disposable clothing:

Backpacks and gym bags will not be allowed on the course, Straub said. Instead of carrying extra layers of clothing, Straub said to wear disposable sweaters and jackets to stay warm during the chilly morning hours.

One cannot make this up.

Next step will probably be to require all participants be naked. That would serve a dual purpose – security, and it would probably increase the number of men participating in the event too. 

Further, the statistical correlation between clothing and terrorism is a stunning 100%. The correlation with backpacks, hooded sweatshirts, gym bags and coats is almost zero percent.

The only way to keep us safe from underware and shoe bombers is to  insist on full scale nudity. Anything less and Bloomsday will be unsafe. Please call the authorities and demand that Bloomsday be kept safe by requiring all participants and spectators to be naked.


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