Hoopfest’s Social Media Ambassadors

This year, Hoopfest features a new online presence with two social media ambassadors. They seem to be everywhere at Hoopfest 🙂

Erica is a recent WSU advertising graduate who now works in Los Angeles.  Amanda is a recent Ohio State economics graduate and is working in Colorado. She is known locally for her participation in the 2012 Olympics in the sharp shooting competition.

Both are accomplished young people and worthy of our admiration. But both left Spokane. Outsourcing our local promotional efforts to ex-residents who now live out of state might not be sending the right message!

Why do so many accomplished young people leave town for better opportunities?


3 Responses to Hoopfest’s Social Media Ambassadors

  1. Scott says:

    Again, very incisive! Thanks.

  2. Thomas Tilford says:

    Thank you so much for your insightful information on so many subjects. I don’t know how many people see your postings but I wish that everyone in our community would read the data that you put out. Keep up the good work..especially as it relates to the pedestrian bridge. I can’t recall any local project that costs more, has less benefit, and is sliding through the political process with little or no discusssion. I am not sure how you finance your efforts but I would suggest that you solicit voluntary contributions like Wikipedia does. I, for one, would be willing to contribute. Tom Tilford

  3. inlandnw says:

    Thank you Tom (and Scott too)

    I peruse data as a strange hobby – I enjoy number crunching 🙂

    Spokane’s culture and economy suffer from misinformation and a non-skeptical local media that parrots press releases to the point of promoting misleading propaganda, and seemingly incapable of asking hard questions.

    The result is we, as a community, make poor decisions on how we invest our limited funds.

    The data is out there but it is mostly ignored by decision makers.

    This web site has, I hope, shed some light on what the data says about Spokane, rather than what we want to believe about Spokane.

    There are more interesting charts coming soon!

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