U-District Heated Pedestrian Bicycle Bridge is officially intended as an art project

The bridge should be seen by the public not merely as a corridor to be used to get between multiple points, but as a unique and exhilarating experience in itself.
This symbolic role is significant enough to suggest a scale and form that is amplified beyond the basic functional and structural requirements.

via University District Pedestrian Bicycle Bridge Study: Community Objectives / Advisory Committee.

The $8 million pedestrian/bike bridge turned into a $16 million outdoor heated iconic, exhilarating, grand, (not) globally unique art symbol costing more than most auto bridges to serve the (not) fast growing student community that will create $350 million in economic activity“But this will not happen without a bridge”!

Absolute lunacy to believe this depends on a heated pedestrian/bike bridge. Spokane has lost its marbles, for sure. Where’s the valet bike parking service? Is their free coffee for bridge users too? Free massages on Friday? Nothing but the best! Let’s make this bridge really stand out!

The promoters have shot their credibility in the head as they descend into silly and farcical claims.

I support a ped/bike bridge. I do not support loony misrepresentation.


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