Spokane County Rate of Growth in Jobs is Slowing

This chart shows non-farm jobs in Spokane County from 1971 to 2013. The chart is created by the BLS web site. Here is the original chart of non-farm jobs from 1990 to the present:


The chart breaks into sections, roughly as “before 1995”, “1995 to 2001”, and “2001 to 2013”. A line is drawn through each section to graphically illustrate the rate  of job growth.


The lines might also have been drawn from 2001 to 2007 and then 2007 to 2013, however that would result in a steep downward trend in the last section.

The rate of growth in new jobs being added to the  Spokane County economy has slowed markedly since the turn of the century.

The largest component of this slow down is the no-job-growth economy of the City of  Spokane where total jobs is about the same as in the mid-1990s.  Here’s the chart that shows the stagnant job market in the City:

Employment in City of Spokane Stagnant Since mid-1990s


Chart is from the US BLS web site.

The lack of job growth should be a high priority focus of local political and business leaders (Possibly related news item and comment). Sadly, there appears to be little to no serious priority given to this crisis.

(Can you spot the jobs increase from the last two Convention Center expansions?)


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