Spokane publicity you can’t buy at any price

In the past week, a body was found at Shields Park, another body was found near downtown Spokane.  Some one was shot in the Spokane Vally on Sunday morning – not even a peep in the news until Tuesday and still no names or descriptions or anything.  Another shooting took place on Wednesday (not clear  there were victims) and police shot and killed an unarmed mentally ill man on Thursday – the day after announcing a new gentler police department that has implemented new use of force guidelines to avoid killing innocent people like Otto Zehm, in the future.

Thursday, a 17 year old has been arrested for attempted murder after stabbing someone in the head in the morning.

Wednesday night an 88 year old World War II veteran was beaten outside the Eagles Ice  Arena, and died, resulting in Greater Spokane Inc’s greatest nightmare – a top of the page spread on DrudgeReport.com. You can’t buy publicity like this.


A top story on CNN and CNN.comcnn

It’s also a top story on CBSNEWS.com.

Friday morning, a man opened fire inside a pawn shop on E. Sprague Ave with claims of holding a hostage. On Sunday, in nearby CDA, police shot and killed a man. A few more assorted stabbings and assaults. Fun place! Oh, and yet another body found alongside a road early in the next week – and another self inflicted gun shot a day later.

Spokane has gone to hell and local political and business leaders have only themselves to blame. These are self inflicted wounds made as a result of self serving policy decisions.

Spokane is extremely sick. These acts of violence are not “normal”.

What we will do about it? Tell lies, lots of lies. That always works.

Start with the excuses – crime isn’t that bad

Monique Cotton with the Spokane Police Department also says the city investigates far less violent crime than property crime.”

except when it is

“Those type of weeks happen,” Sheriff Knezovich said. “It really is cyclical, the problem is, it’s becoming more and more the trend.”

So which is it? Crime isn’t that bad – or it’s becoming more and more the trend and we need more police officers?


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