Spokane retains its “Scam Capital of America” title

Read the in depth article by Daniel Walters at the Inlander. This comment is insightful:

Then Hansen gives Spokane the exact beats of flattery it yearns to hear

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That comment about the community’s desperately sought after flattery explains much – including the frequent exaggerations and lies told to promote Spokane. Flimflam goes far in Spokane, a city full of the gullible. The “Scam Capital of America” title will not be lost without a fight!

The community of Spokane has defined itself as the city of liars,  the gullible and authoritative sexual predators and institutional coverups. What a sad state of affairs. What an incredibly sick city.

Update: Good grief. This story just keeps going deeper and deeper. Daniel Walters is probably the most thorough and dedicated reporter in Spokane.

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