Report claims Spokane roads among worst in State

Nothing in this “report” should be taken too seriously. It’s from the impressive sounding “TRIP Transportation Research Group”, a “non profit”.

Here’s the lead:

A new report released Tuesday shows Spokane has some of the worst road conditions in Washington State. It said drivers spend hundreds of dollars a year fixing their cars because streets in the area are so bad.

The report was funded by civil engineering groups, road paving, bridge construction, asphalt and other materials suppliers. The report strings together lots of numbers with scary comments that we are all going to die unless we quickly borrow or print money and hand it over to them.

This “study” is from a “non-profit” funded  by the industry and the “non profit” label provides cover for government lobbying. Their Board of Directors is almost entirely road construction executives whose companies benefit from government spending on construction. This is disclosed in their IRS Form 990.

Local lobbyist GSI jumps on the bandwagon, as usual.


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