State legislature votes to defund Spokane-based Innovate Washington

Innovate Washington is the successor to SIRTI. It was largely defunded last year but continues on in a zombie state.

The House voted unanimously to end Innovate Washington by June of 2015. The Senate already voted in favor of a similar measure so presumably the differences between the two bills now get ironed out and finalized.

This blog has written extensively about SIRTI, its history, and its Board structure that had become disconnected from its mission du jour. SIRTI then evolved to become Innovate Washington and thence Zombie Innovate Washington.

Update: The Legislature has approved the shut down of the Spokane-based Innovate Washington agency effective June 2015 and the Governor signed the legislation. By law, Innovate Washington will be shut down.  The building IW partially occupies will be turned over to WSU-Spokane.