Spokane Police Shooting Audio Analysis

Video shows robbery suspect shot, killed by Spokane Police | Spokane/E. WA – KXLY.com.

Here is an audio trace made from the video shown by KXLY TV and KREM TV. Click on the image for a larger view.


Timing marks are minutes:seconds:frames from the start of the video clip. There are 30 frames per second.

First part of recording appears to be police urging him to give up, there are people who care about you, do the right thing, come on Stephen, … sounds like “step on out here okay” (uncertain) and then the following:

  • 01:06:09: Audio sounds like “He’s gotta gun”
  • 01:06:21 door appears to open
  • 01:07:06 suspect just becomes visible to camera view (hand and forearm seen)
  • 01:07:12 to 01:07:19 (1/4 second) unintelligible police shout
  • 01:07:07: Suspect exits the door and becomes visible to camera
  • 01:08:01: First shot fired
  • 01:10:08: Last shot fired
  • 2.3 seconds from time the door appears to open to first shot fired
  • 1.8 seconds from time suspect’s hand is visible to camera to shots fired
  • 0.8 seconds from time suspect exits the door (in camera view) to first shot fired
  • 13/30th of a second from “unintelligible” to first shot fired
  • 3.03 seconds from time he appears visible in camera view (hand seen) at the door to last shot fired.
  • 2 seconds – total duration of shooting. News reports say 14 shots fired.
  • 4.3 seconds from time door appears to open to last shot fired

The words “Drop it” are not audible on the recording (this does not mean they were not said but they are not apparent on the recording). They may have been shouted at 01:07:12 to 01:07:19 but were unintelligible to my ear; shots were then fired at 10:08:01 which is less than 1/2 second later (faster than the suspect could have reacted).

The video recording appears to have differences from the statements made by Police Chief Straub after the shooting. Straub has not yet commented on the discrepancies. (Update: The “SPD would like to clarify initial statements” and that a CO2 powered pellet gun was found near the body.)

Note: Time units may be off by 1 or 2 frames (each frame is 1/30th of a second). Seconds are approximate and rounded based on the frame by frame analysis.


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