City of Spokane Use of Force Commission, First year progress report

(Previous post deleted and replaced with this one)

City of Spokane Use of Force Commission, Final Report. This is the report issued in 2013 in the aftermath of the SPD’s killing of innocent Otto Zehm and the subsequent cover up and general disrespect of the people of Spokane by the SPD. Inlander’s coverage of the 2013 report. Read the full report for yourself before you look at the 2014 presentation.

As a footnote to last year’s final report, remember that a former City of Spokane attorney routinely filed lawsuits against anyone making a complaint against the police, cutting off an important data point to recognize SPD problems.

This past week, the city presented a one-year progress report. The presentation is a public-relations sales pitch, bundled with propaganda. Lots of photos of happy smiling faces.  Fits in to the general theme of over the top propaganda throughout Spokane’s culture.

The more useful document is the 12 month progress report. As you read it, compare each recommendation to the problems detailed in last year’s report.



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