Spokane’s Signature Genomic Laboratories to close

Must be the lack of the heated pedestrian bike bridge that did them in:

Signature Genomic Laboratories, a pioneering Spokane-based tech company that once had 120 workers, will close by mid-2014.

via Signature Genomic Laboratories to close by mid-2014 – Spokesman.com – April 30, 2014.

Related: Coldwater Creek in bankruptcy/liquidation, Sterling’s upcoming re-org and layoffs (was acquired by Umpqua Bank), Flyback Energy Systems shrinking to nothing … no wonder there is no job growth. Local leaders would be wise to stop the propaganda for a moment and think through useful initiatives to address these serious problems.

Pouring more concrete to expand downtown “civic” facilities – which has unequivocally reduced jobs and reduced visitors to the city – is not the solution.  Yet even though this strategy has been shown not work, we are now pouring more concrete and proposing pouring more in the near future – heated pedestrian/bike bridge, downtown sports complex, and renovating Riverfront park (probably needed too), and a downtown trolley – all with the false claims of creating jobs and increasing visitors.

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Spokane Propaganda Style Manual Revealed

The link is about New York City’s propaganda style manual, explaining how they inflated their tech sector to pretend the city is competitive with Silicon Valley (when it is not). They must have read the Spokane style guide! See NYC Desperate to Pretend It’s a Huge Tech Hub — Daily Intelligencer.

1. Define tech really, really broadly [to include sales jobs, video editors, photocopy machine repair techs]

2. Fudge the scale on your charts.

Make up anything!:

3. Optimize the formula for your city’s benefit [split other areas, like the SF Bay area, into 2 chunks, and then compare yourself to either half!]

The Spokane Public Facilities District chose this approach by publishing economic impact studies only for the not normal 2007 and  modified calendar 2010 years and pretending this would be the normal economic impact every year for Spokane:

4. Ignore the measurements that really matter.

Lots more Spokane examples here!

Basic message: Spokane retains its title as the fraud and scam capital of America. We work hard at this and are damned proud of it – so there!

Corollary: To fix this muddy flat lined economy, the local culture must embrace the truth and stop the lying, distortion and exaggeration. Unfortunately, that will never happen.

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Police Shooting Propaganda Manual

Update:  Today, after this was published, another dead body was found and then SPD shot and killed someone near the dead body scene this afternoon. Well, we know how the press coverage will pan out over the next few days … read on … oh wait, the SPD PIO was  a witness to this shooting, … Welcome Bloomsday runners and walkers – yes, Spokane is a crime ridden mess. Oh well.


Every time there is an officer involved shooting, the public relations is predictable:

  • Make a statement about the person shot – he or she failed to comply with repeated orders, was seen as a threat, and was shot (and usually killed).
  • Over the next few days, dribble out information confirming the person shot was obviously a bad guy who deserved it. Probably on drugs, mentally ill, ex con. Impugn the subject’s reputation by press release. Never say a positive word about the deceased.
  • Make a statement that we should wait for the official investigation before passing judgement on the officer’s actions (but ignore it when it comes to making statements about the deceased).
  • Days later, release a press release with the officers’ names, their extensive training, awards, commendations, and their gold stars. Elevate them to pure saint hood.

Works every time. Very predictable.

The Sheriff issued a press release giving a one line bio for a deputy who has his own “topics” page at the local newspaper.  No attempt was made to hide the obvious propaganda spin.

With another shooting, the PR spin went down the usual path:

  • Police Chief Straub made a statement about how the suspect was given multiple commands from the police after stepping outside and the PD opened fire because they feared for their safety.
  • Then a video surfaced showing a different situation than what the Police Chief described. (See our analysis of the video and audio track).
  • The SPD dribbled out information about the suspect’s background: he’s a burglar, he’s had drug problems, he’s served time, he’s had mental health issues, he probably committed robberies. 
  • Then go for the kill: obviously the suspect was a bad guy who deserved and wanted to die! Local TV says he left a “suicide note” and quotes from a heroin-addict friend who “thinks” the suspect did not want to continue on. A  TV station photographs the suspect’s note – this would usually be evidence withheld from the court of public propaganda. (The SR refers to the note as an “apology letter” which seems accurate.).

KREM.COM goes straight to the punch:


KHQ.COM finds the friend who says “he wanted to die”:



THEREFORE, we can pat ourselves on the back and thank the police for executing the suspect. He was, after all, a low life, mentally ill, heroin addicted ex-con who wanted to die anyway – so no problem. He got what he deserved and what he obviously wanted.  A comment says “Sounds like a bunch of losers living in a house. The guy got what he deserved, quit defending the criminal.” Let’s pat ourselves on the back for another well deserved street execution! Hip hip hooray! Drinks all around!

Days later, we get the usual press release with the officer’s names, awards, commendations, training, medals, gold stars and saint hood.

Many commenters to the Spokesman-Review story saw through the propaganda stream:

  • “just adds to the public’s perception that the cops are trying to make a case that this was “Suicide by Cop” before the case is even investigated”
  • I can picture the perceptions and attitudes changing with every news story, and the local news media is as complicit in this cover-up attempt as anybody could be.”Oh, he was a drug offender”
    “Oh, he wrote a note that said he wasn’t going to prison”
    “Oh, he came out with a gun in his hand”.
    Yep, he got what he deserved. Cops are just doing their job.
    No need for a court. Saved us a lot of money, etc.”
  • How…given Straub’s comments…the questionable release of evidence to the media…a previous OIS case where a cop before the investigation was completed basically said in a sworn affidavit it was “Suicide by Cop”…does any cop expect the public to believe that OIS investigations aren’t bias?

Time To Rethink Police Shootings

There is zero question in my mind or most anyone’s mind that there is a need for police to shoot to kill in many situations. Both of the above situations were likely examples of those cases. But those events are not the point of this post.

The problem is we view these shootings as good outcomes! He deserved to die! He wanted to die! Yay! Let’s go have a party!

He probably wanted “suicide by cop”.  This assertion of “suicide by cop”  is common after OIS incidents – but it is just an assertion that goes along with excited delirium, a medical condition that exists solely in people in a fight with police. Both have become code phrases to justify a killing. Many of the “suicide by cop” claims are just a pop culture meme to justify shootings – rarely proven and definitely not a good outcome.

All of this is sick beyond measure.

In Spokane, each time a suspect is shot dead and no police officers are harmed, it is treated as a positive outcome. (Seriously, I do not want any police officers hurt. Ever.)

But we need to change our mindset – dead bodies are a sign of failure, not success.

We will not see a reduction as long as we view killings as a successful and desired outcome.

Is it possible to stop so many killings? NYPD used to kill 100 people a year but with improved training they cut that to about one-tenth to one-fifth that number. Yes, it is possible.

But until we change our mindset, the killings will continue.

The need for change is recognized elsewhere:

Until the SPD changes its mindset and adopts a new approach, the killings will continue, law enforcement will respond with the usual and predictable propaganda spin, and more people will die due to “suicide by cop” and “excited delirium”.


This post is not opposed to police shootings, as required.  This post is about the propaganda spewed forth and lapped up  – propaganda designed so that readers and viewers will relax in their easy chair and conclude “Good thing the police shot and killed this thug – he not only deserved to die, he wanted to die!”

That is a sign of a sick community and media. Look back at the killing of Otto Zehm or Quentin Dodd. Then look at how the NYPD drastically reduced officer involved shootings with a different approach and new training methods. The fundamental issue is that police killings need to viewed as failures (yes, many are justified) – and not viewed as successful outcomes.

Until the SPD and the community recognize these shootings for what they are – a sad failure – not a success – the shootings will continue. The media must stop playing along with this game – but press release reporting is easy so they continue to play along.

If you do not get what this about, read the full Use of Force Commission Report. Nearly every propaganda statement issued by the SPD after the murder of innocent Otto Zehm was a lie. The SPD hid and withheld evidence that contradicted their public statements. To this day, the SPD continues to spin and engage in propaganda. And that is a serious problem.

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Spokane Medical School postponed by 10 to 20 years?

Sold locally as a done deal, the Spokane medical school now looks like it will open about the same time the North South Corridor [1] freeway is completed, meaning, perhaps some time in the 21st or may be 22nd century:

Washington State University Spokane Chancellor Lisa Brown told the panel that a second publicly funded medical school is coming in the next 10 to 20 years, and “I believe it should be in Spokane.”

via Medical school task force convenes – Spokesman.com – April 22, 2014.

Did you know that Spokane once had a medical school? Two of them in fact!

Sort of. Both were frauds, which is fitting for the Scam and Fraud Capitol of the America:




Reminder: the claimed $1.6 billion economic impact due to a Spokane medical school is a wild stretch. The economic study that arrived at the $1.6 B figure was for a comprehensive health science program, including nursing, pharmacy, medicine and other activities. The medical school impact is a minor part of the total (see the link, above). Half of the economic impact is due to the ordinary growth of the health care industry in Eastern Washington – and this was included in the $1.6 B figure by assuming the growth would occur solely due to the health science campus. Why not just say that the $1.6 B economic impact is due solely to the construction of a heated pedestrian/bike bridge?

In Spokane, concepts like reality or truth or very flexible concepts.

[1] The North South Corridor freeway is presently an unfinished “North North” freeway that goes from nowhere to somewhere. Conceived in 1946, it might be completed by 2046.

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New online game – spot the Spokane Convention Center expansion bump in local employment!

The Spokane Convention Center is building its 3rd expansion since the year 2000.

They promised us more jobs – can you spot the jobs increase in the City of Spokane?

Total jobs in the City of Spokane are now less than in 1996  (data from US Bureau of Labor Statistics):LAUCT536700000000005_742370_1398301192417

Good thing Spokane has such a booming economy with huge job growth typical of the State!  Oh wait, its once fast growing job market collapsed and has since flat lined.

Of course, they also promised more jobs and more visitors. Surely this shows up in the hotel industry employment, as a great proxy for visitors to Spokane? After all 54% of all money spent by convention center visitors, they say, goes to the hotel industry.

Hospitality (hotels) industry employment in the City of Spokane since 1993 (data from US Bureau of Labor Statistics):


Just eyeballing the chart the low point is about the high point in 1997. Hmmmm.

Well, at least they have increasing attendance at the PFD facilities, thanks to all those expansion projects!

The Spokesman-Review says the PFD is awesome and doing fantastic!  And we all know everything the Spokesman-Review publishes is highly accurate, never spun as a propaganda – of course!


Okay, so all those visitors are not hiding out at the Convention Center. Where could they possibly be?

They said expansion would produce more visitors so the airport surely shows lots more passengers?

SIA Jun 2013


Sure is a mystery to us. They promised more jobs and more visitors. They must be hiding here somewhere. May be selling prostitution on East Sprague or door-to-door meth sales?

They could not possibly have lied to us, could they? Could they? …

I know, let’s build a Spokane Field House downtown because that will surely increase visitors and jobs! Then add a heated pedestrian/bike bridge. But why stop there? Let’s build a downtown trolley! And then light rail to the airport! 

But whatever we do, don’t let the Spokane Indians build a casino/shopping/entertainment/convention center complex because the Spokane area doesn’t need more jobs. And besides, it would compete with the downtown business cartel. Oops. We were not supposed to say that.

Related: All those self promotion programs to attract tourists dollars  look to be a fraud too.

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