Spokane Propaganda Style Manual Revealed

The link is about New York City’s propaganda style manual, explaining how they inflated their tech sector to pretend the city is competitive with Silicon Valley (when it is not). They must have read the Spokane style guide! See NYC Desperate to Pretend It’s a Huge Tech Hub — Daily Intelligencer.

1. Define tech really, really broadly [to include sales jobs, video editors, photocopy machine repair techs]

2. Fudge the scale on your charts.

Make up anything!:

3. Optimize the formula for your city’s benefit [split other areas, like the SF Bay area, into 2 chunks, and then compare yourself to either half!]

The Spokane Public Facilities District chose this approach by publishing economic impact studies only for the not normal 2007 and  modified calendar 2010 years and pretending this would be the normal economic impact every year for Spokane:

4. Ignore the measurements that really matter.

Lots more Spokane examples here!

Basic message: Spokane retains its title as the fraud and scam capital of America. We work hard at this and are damned proud of it – so there!

Corollary: To fix this muddy flat lined economy, the local culture must embrace the truth and stop the lying, distortion and exaggeration. Unfortunately, that will never happen.

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