Spokane’s Signature Genomic Laboratories to close

Must be the lack of the heated pedestrian bike bridge that did them in:

Signature Genomic Laboratories, a pioneering Spokane-based tech company that once had 120 workers, will close by mid-2014.

via Signature Genomic Laboratories to close by mid-2014 – Spokesman.com – April 30, 2014.

Related: Coldwater Creek in bankruptcy/liquidation, Sterling’s upcoming re-org and layoffs (was acquired by Umpqua Bank), Flyback Energy Systems shrinking to nothing … no wonder there is no job growth. Local leaders would be wise to stop the propaganda for a moment and think through useful initiatives to address these serious problems.

Pouring more concrete to expand downtown “civic” facilities – which has unequivocally reduced jobs and reduced visitors to the city – is not the solution.  Yet even though this strategy has been shown not work, we are now pouring more concrete and proposing pouring more in the near future – heated pedestrian/bike bridge, downtown sports complex, and renovating Riverfront park (probably needed too), and a downtown trolley – all with the false claims of creating jobs and increasing visitors.

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