Delta adding 4 flights on the Seattle-Spokane route

This is good news – Delta adding four Spokane flights to Seattle

Hopefully the long term decline in air travel to/from Spokane can be turned around. The following charts are generally months to 2 years old and have not been updated since their creation.  In a broad brush sense, the charts are still close to today’s operations. See notes, below.

The majority of flights from Spokane are to Seattle, Portland and Denver. Since this chart was made, the number of Denver flights has gone down a bit. After Southwest dropped out of the Spokane-Seattle market, the number of flights fell to 16 but will rise again to 20, this fall, with the addition of the Delta flights.

spokaneairportcolumnsNext chart correct through 2012. Has not been updated since.

AirportFlightsTrendIn the following chart, two additional non-stop destinations have resumed service – a government subsidized daily flight to Los Angeles and a once per week flight to Hawaii, although that may be going away.   This chart shows only year round destinations so the seasonal Hawaii flight would not be included anyway.


CombinedSIAFeltsAllOps-3Since the beginning of the year, there has been a slight increase in passengers versus last year. An update to this chart would show a slight upward curve at the end.



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