Spokane has 2nd highest crime reporting rate in the nation

Spokane, surprisingly, makes it to the #2 position on this list of “The 13 Most Dangerous Cities in America – Pg.12 – TheStreet.” Overview here.

Their scoring uses the total number of reported crimes per 100,000 residents, but does not assign greater or lesser weight depending on the type of crime. It’s just a tally of all reported crime. And summing up all crimes leads to a high number for Spokane.

Other popular crime rankings assign “weights” to gauge the severity of crime. For example, an armed robbery might be weighted 3 times higher than a property theft. In that scenario, one armed robbery would be treated the same as 3 unarmed property thefts. But that leads to oddities like an armed robber stealing $50 from a convenience store rated three times worse than a property thief stealing $5,000 in personal property from a house. Which is really worse?

Taking the severity of crime into consideration for a crime ranking makes intuitive sense, but the actual assignment of weights is arbitrary. By adjusting the weights the crime analyst can create any ranking they want.

Spokane’s propaganda mill says “Spokane PD ranks second for busiest officers in the U.S.“, a claim not actually made in the survey. Which is typical for living in a propaganda paradise of outright lies.

Here is how the headline read:



Here is the accurate version that now runs on their website with the video news report – but the original text report, linked above, still has the false propaganda-oriented headline:


Spokane has a propaganda ministry that makes “Baghdad Bob” look like a rank amateur.

Edit change: The title of this blog post was changed from saying Spokane ranks in the top 13 crime rate list to “Spokane has 2nd highest crime reporting rate in the nation”. The paragraphs explaining crime index weighting were added since the original post was made.