Deaconess Hospital ranked among nation’s worst for infections and complications

Really: “Deaconess Hospital places among hospitals with highest infection rates

Deaconess Hospital scored a 9.675 out of a 1 to 10 scale. Of the over 3,300 hospitals ranked, only about 60 have scores higher than Deaconess. According to Kaiser, hospitals scoring 9 or greater are likely to be assessed financial penalties.

Hospitals landing in the bottom quartile will lose 1% of every Medicare payment starting in October of 2014 (meaning they will charge everyone else more). They could lost up to 5.4% including the impact of other programs.

Given KREM’s past headlines, this should have been tilted “Deaconess Hospital staff among busiest in the nation at fighting infections“!

Related: Sacred Heart Medical Center had its own brush with management incompetence not long ago. The Spokane area has a hard time attracting and retaining world class talent, to put it mildly.


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