WSU-Spokane’s Diversity Problem

In light of yesterday’s comments that the Spokane WWAMI program is losing students, it seemed appropriate to re-look at WSU Spokane enrollment.  Enrollment spiked in 2004-2005, but is now less than it was ten years ago in spite of massive expenditures on improvements and the introduction of new programs. It is unclear how this trend leads to a $1.6 gazillion $ economic impact on Eastern Washington.

chart_1(1)WSU Spokane enrolls women almost exclusively


Data is from the WSU Office of Institutional Research for Fall of 2013.

Undergraduate students account for 46% of the total 1,376 students enrolled (includes both full time and part time students). In other words, roughly half the students are undergraduates and among this group 87% are female and 13% are male.


When including the graduate students at WSU-Spokane, the diversity of the student population expands slightly to include more male students.chart_3If the percentages were reversed – 13% female and 87% male, local politicians, activists and the media would accuse WSU of discrimination. Instead, we have silence.

Bottom line: WSU-Spokane is failing to meet the educational needs of male students in Spokane.

This is a ticking time bomb – someone will eventually file a complaint or lawsuit against the publicly funded WSU for discriminating against male students in the Spokane region.

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