Spokane and CDA area dogs seek “Suicide by cop”

After the recent police shooting of an innocent dog in Couer d’Alene, the script started out according to plan.

First, they impugned the reputation of the deceased. They labeled him a “vicious pit bull” that was  armed with paws and teeth and was apparently seeking to commit “suicide by cop”. The word “vicious” is an obvious code word for “mentally ill” and “excited delirium”, a  medical condition that exists solely when dogs or people interact with the police.

Of course, the victim was actually a 2 year old black lab. Oops. And the bullet hole went through the glass of the window pane (read the comments there, including from a witness, and see the window pane photo here), meaning the “vicious pit bull” black lab was on the other side of the window.

After killing the dog, they broke into the vehicle, stole the dog’s body and left this business card on the blood spattered vehicle: “Please contact city police watch commander regarding your dog”. Soon more contradictions in the official statements were noted. And there’s more – why abandon a vehicle without finding the owner, when moments earlier, the van was falsely alleged to be involved with looking at children – so the PD then abandons the van?

The PD had to cancel the press release naming the officer and telling us about his experience, awards, training, and the sainthood elevating gold stars.

It is obvious: dogs nationwide are seeking “Suicide by cop” amid mounting incidents of police killing innocent dogs.

You likely heard about a police officer entering a secured Salt Lake city backyard recently, searching for a child that had been found 30 minutes before, and then shot and killed the dog that lived in the yard. This is happening all over the United States.

Yep, another dog obviously seeking suicide by cop.

Seriously. (And if you cannot figure it out, much of the above is satire. Biting satire in this case, of course.)

Back in the real world, a lot of us have encounters with dogs, but for some reason, us regular folk don’t need to shoot every dog that barks, raises hackles, bares teeth or just looks damn scary.

  • I have lost count of the number of times I was chased by dogs while riding a bike. If it gets rough, a quick shot of water from my water bottle into the dogs face stops the dog in its tracks. Works every time.
  • I’ve had a dog leap out the back end of a station wagon and charge me  – I did not shoot the dog.
  • I had a dog come up along side me, while on my bike, and rip my pants. I did not shoot the dog.
  • On many occasions, I have had dogs try to attack my dog or dogs, while walking my leashed dogs. I did not shoot any of the dogs.
  • I have had dogs chase me while jogging. I did not shoot the dogs.
  • Postal workers, utility workers, delivery truck drivers – lots of people interact with dogs every single day. And none of them shoot the dogs.

It’s only when a police officer is involved that we see this “suicide by cop” phenomena among dogs. Some how the rest of us routinely deal with upset dogs without killing them.

If any of us were spooked by a dog in a van, pulled out a gun and shot through a window pane to kill the dog, we would be arrested and in jail.

But not the police. That’s because all these dead dogs were seeking “suicide by cop”. This is obvious. I am surprised the CDA police have not explained this – its standard procedure after most officer-involved-shootings now – impugn the reputation of the victim and claim the victim was seeking “suicide by cop” or suffered from “excited delirium”. The latter pretty much explains every dog I have met – most are in a state of excited delirium, especially the young ones.

The CDA police officer will suffer zero repercussions.  The police department will investigate itself and conclude the officer’s actions were fully justified. They know they are immune from the rules that apply to everyone else and they will continue to shoot dogs because they can and there is nothing any of us can do about it. Throughout the country.

(Update Aug 2014) Weeks after the shooting, the CDA Keystone Cops have still not released the name of the officer who shot the dog through the van of the window.  Compare this lack of transparency with recent shootings of people in Spokane: in Spokane, the police routinely release information specifically intended to impugn the reputation of the victim while elevating the officers to sainthood.  This double standard is inexcusable and unacceptable and the leadership and leadership staff of the CDA Keystone Cops should be fired for their double standard and obvious coverups. (For reference see: Police Shooting Propaganda Manual, Spokane Propaganda-Style)

If the officer says they felt threatened then it is a justified killing and that is that.

From the comments here, the  CDA police have a record of shooting innocent dogs.  Their unprofessional handling of this situation puts them somewhere between the Keystone Cops and Idaho’s reputation for red neck behavior and pulling over cars with Colorado license plates because weed is legal in Colorado. (Am pretty sure they also need to abide by the 4th amendment and get a warrant to remove a body from within private property, once the “emergency” is over.)

Welcome to the militarized police state where all of us and our pets are “the enemy” of the state.

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