STA – “savings on fuel and maintenance would more than pay for the added cost up-front”

The $800,000 sticker price on the 41-foot model is high compared with the Gillig buses currently in the STA fleet. A conventional Gillig diesel bus costs $378,000 and a Gillig electric hybrid diesel is $550,000.

However, savings on fuel and maintenance would more than pay for the added cost up-front over the expected 12-year-life of the Proterra, said Dale Hill, company founder.

via STA officials view company’s latest electric bus model – – Sept. 17, 2014.

Hmmmm…. that sounds familiar.  Here is what the STA said about the discredited electric hybrid diesels on March 24, 2009:

The acquisition of new buses, including the hybrids, will reduce ongoing maintenance costs for older buses as well as save on fuel costs.

In reality, “Spokane Transit Authority squandered taxpayer money on expensive buses” as the savings never came.

Typical of Spokane institutions, no one was held accountable for bad decisions, hence, it remains business as usual. And probably more squandered money, more puffy press releases and then a hidden reference years later to the program being abandoned.

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