“Riverfront Park face-lift seen as legacy project”

Riverfront Park face-lift seen as legacy project – Spokesman.com – Sept. 28, 2014.

It’s unsigned – no reporter has their name on this free political advertisement.

Update: The reporter’s name did appear in the printed version (which I did not see) but did not appear in the online version of the story that I read on two different computers. Nicholas Dashais’ name now shows on the online version of the story. He contacted me to let me know that he is the author – thank you.

I had saved a screen capture of the original showing the missing name – here is the original and my original post was because the name really was missing from the online version. Note also the “Tags” list has been changed from the original story:


Here is the revised version that now appears (via TOR browser, of course):


 I assume the missing information was due to a software problem or software usage issue at the paper.

There is no mention of the publisher’s ownership of land across the street from the park. Conflicts of interest do not matter in fake news stories promotional stories (updated Oct 3).

The Park needs to be fixed up. But can Spokane rely on the largest downtown landholder and beneficiary of public spending to write unsigned news stories about these activities?

These public projects benefit downtown landowners, of which the paper’s owner, is one of the largest. Amid declining circulation, the Spokesman-Review has devolved into real estate investment promotions.  That’s sad.

(Hey, this blog is unsigned too – but we can disclose we do not own any land that benefits yay or nay on these projects)


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