Visit Spokane and KXLY get punked

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TheChive list identifies Spokane as one of U.S. most underrated cities | Spokane/E. WA –  (screen snap shot)

Visit Spokane President says:

“What’s nice is underrated for us in our vernacular for us is undiscovered, so to have someone say, ‘You need to give them a look. They’re worth it’ Awesome! We love it,” Visit Spokane President Cheryl Kilday said.

Visit Spokane just got punked.

TheChive spreads viral photos, videos, and Internet memes, including hoaxes, with an emphasis on young female bodies. Here is a snapshot of their main page:


TheChive’s sidebar (oh, it gets better further down their page):


Why not check out the full list of hot girls?  More cleavage should push KXLY’s ratings up a bit!

Or may be this entire section of TheChive – devoted to “GIRLS CATEGORIES“:


Among the skimpy non-objective criteria are that Spokane has lots of beer and “alcoholic beverages”.

KXLY thinks the above is news you-need-to-know while they black out real news about local boobs.


Visit Spokane is proud of this endorsement from TheChive!

Visit Spokane, is the Convention Center sales department, and lies about Spokane weather too. There is more nonsense on their web site – like claiming 8 airlines serve Spokane while the airport itself counts 6. Granted, they are sales idiots but the on going lies are a little thick.

The above screen captures from TheChive are reproduced here under a Fair Use claim for the purpose of critique and commentary. This post will be moved out of the #1 post spot later.


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