A formerly anonymous urban planner writes about Spokane at SpokanePlanner.com.

The web site’s Facebook page has more.

The site explains why the local economy remains a bit mired in a rut (the good-old-boy culture) and why there may be hope for the future. Check it out.

And this from the Inlander: A former DSP president’s assessment of Spokane’s economy, “good-old-boy culture” | Bloglander | The Pacific Northwest Inlander | News, Politics, Music, Calendar, Events in Spokane, Coeur d’Alene and the Inland Northwest.

STA Proposition 1 promoters say tax will benefit Puget Sound transit!

We cannot make this stuff up – right there on their web site yesforbuses.org it says:

  • A “Yes” vote on Proposition 1 will reduce “the operating costs of Sound Transit Authority“.
  • “A “Yes” vote for increased funding for Sound Transit Authority means more than 1,000 new jobs for Spokane County.”

Here is a screen capture of their web page – click for full size view.


Guess they copied old campaign literature from Sound Transit, an organization that was officially known as Regional Transit Authority but began using the name “Sound Transit” in 1997 (not Sound Transit Authority).

STA plans to purchase the Tesla of buses: Have we forgotten the STA’s hybrid bus boondoggle (or this)? Apparently.

There’s nothing wrong with seeking expansions and improvements in public transit. But with this history of goof ups and waste, should STA be trusted?