EXCLUSIVE: “as air traffic continues to grow” at Walla Walla Regional Airport

Sen. Murray, there’s that word again. I do not think it means what you think it means.

We explored this concept of “continued growth in aviation” in Spokane in the past, where a long term drop in aviation activities was termed “continued growth”.

Now, she’s talking about Walla Walla airport:

[Sen. Patty] Murray says the Walla Walla airport experienced a record number of travelers in May and the federal funds are a critical investment as air traffic continues to grow.

via 2 rural Washington airports receive federal grant funds | The Seattle Times.

Update: Rachel Dolezal, the white woman pretending to be a black woman, is just as nonsensical as a long term decline in aviation being called “growth” or a long list of other local myths and outrageous lies.  The root of this has little to do with black versus white – Dolezal is just another con artist creating a world built on lies. For many years, Forbes branded Spokane “The Scam and Fraud Capitol” of America – and Spokane continues to nourish that reputation at every opportunity. Its a community that has a firmly established cultural problem of deceit and fraud – within a community that is a gullible as they come. Rachel fit right in with some of GSI’s past lies about Spokane – but this time, its become an international story!

Update: Embarrassment spreads – NAACP says ideology is more important than integrity and honesty.  So far, Eastern Washington University has said the same thing and students do not seem to think Dolezal’s history as a serial liar is a problem. That is sad. What are they thinking?

Air Traffic Operations

Air traffic is definitely not continuing to grow:

image (2)

The Federal grant will be used to build new fencing and repair a taxiway.

But passenger usage is continuing to grow!

image (3)

Walla Walla is served by two daily Horizon (Alaska) air flights on Q400 turbo prop aircraft with about 57 passengers per flight.

Passenger usage continued to grow strongly into June thanks in part to “a two-year $250,000 federal grant to help promote and stabilize air service“: yep, the operations are subsidized by taxpayers, similar to Spokane’s once per day flight to Los Angeles.

Passenger usage is increasing, albeit, partially due to taxpayer subsidies for the operations. Will that growth continue when the subsidies go away?

The data is available on the web site of Walla Walla Regional Airport. The data on aircraft operations was compared with that provided by the FAA; the numbers are nearly the same. Aircraft operations counts are made by the control tower staff; changes in tower operational hours over the years can affect the counts. Logically, tower hours of operation track aircraft operations – more aircraft means a busier airport means more hours when flight ops are underway. Fewer aircraft ops means fewer hours when the tower is operating (aircraft may still use the airport when the tower is closed). Regardless, aircraft flight operations have collapsed at Walla Walla.

Data Tables Follow

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