Did Rachel Dolezal copy art work?

From her artpal.com web page offering her works for sale –¬†The Shape of our Kind – Art by Rachel | Paintings & Prints, Landscapes & Nature, Beach & Ocean, Other Beach & Ocean | ArtPal.

Her art work:

Rachel dolezal-Art1a

The above piece also appears on her blogspot page. Text description of the above painting: “This is an acrylic painting on a wooden panel; the original is 36″x36″ and is part of a three-panel triptych representing absence, loss, and closure in relationships. The sharks and doves in this scene symbolize the contrast between cynicism and optimism in the male and female figures and the tumultuous water is offset by the verticality of the sun.”

And this screen shot from this Youtube video featuring this painting from Joseph Mallord William Turner, 1840, titled Slave Ship (Slavers Throwing Overboard the Dead and Dying, Typhon Coming On) in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. A description of this scene and its meaning is available here.

Rachel dolezal-Art1b

The video was posted on Dec 17, 2012. Hopefully there is a valid explanation for this strikingly similar image from two different artists.

The above info came from a tip which likely originated online from others finding it. Yep – here’s a tweet with the same info. Dolezal’s description for “her” artwork is different than that of the original artist – its not a case of a simple copy, attributed to the original artist, this is claimed as a new interpretation with no mention of the original from which it was inspired.