Chronicle of Higher Ed. faults EWU, Spokane in #RachelDolezal case

How did she take on that identity so easily at Eastern Washington? Ms. Brooks, the San Antonio scholar, has a theory. According to Eastern Washington’s numbers, 11 of the university’s 459 full-time faculty members are black. Just three are women. (Like many institutions, Eastern Washington does not track part-time faculty members by race.)

Ms. Dolezal “couldn’t have gotten away with this in places like D.C., Atlanta, or New Orleans,” said Ms. Brooks. But in Spokane, where just over 2 percent of the population is black, the calculus is different.

See Rachel Dolezal Case Leaves a Campus Bewildered and Some Scholars Disgusted,  The Chronicle of Higher Education

There is another reason – Spokane is the city of deception and lies, as long documented with data on this blog. As long as the local culture thrives on delusional lying to one another, was this behavior and outcome really a surprise?

#RachelDolezal boosts Spokane’s economy! Just #AskRachel

You had to see this coming!

The City of Spokane also issued a statement Monday as the city streets began to fill with satellite trucks and journalists from news organizations throughout the country.

via Dolezal resigns NAACP post – Coeur d’Alene Press: Local News.

That’s right – finally Growth in aviation in Spokane-the city that runs on lies!

  • Comedians mention “Spokane” and the crowd laughs before they get to the joke. Click on the links to watch the comedic videos. Spokane is the new punchline for jokes.
  • Civil Judgments (from SR archives)
    Mar 2013, Idaho records-Chapman Financial Services Inc. v. Rachel Dolezal, plaintiff awarded $5,674.
    Aug 2012, Chapman Financial Services Inc. v. Rachel Dolezal, plaintiff awarded $1,183.
  • City of Spokane’s Human Rights Commission has asked Dolezal to resign from the Office of the Police Ombudsman Commission Chair position. The OPC was to root out bad policing practices – yet its head is accused of being a con artist and 3 members of the Commission are under investigation for misconduct.
  • Update: National and UK press run circles around Spokane’s media. The UK press did genealogy research on her. No wonder she chose Spokane for her deception. One journalist goes on record about what happened in Spokane – but you will learn more from the comments than from the column, itself. In particular, take note of the links to Dolezal’s travel receipts to Oakland. Oakland is said to be the source for some of the “hate mail” allegedly received by Dolezal – although those receipts are for a trip just before “hate mail”, without a post mark, arrived in the Spokane NAACP postal box.
  • There are more important stories in the world today that deserve non-stop media coverage – but this is a story that fits into the contemporary media focus on racial issues. However, this should be a big story in the inland NW for some time as it cuts to the heart of what ails the region: lies and the people who tell them.

Welcome visitors to Spokane – the well earned laughing stock of the world.