Economy? In Spokane?

Downtown Spokane Washington

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When I created this blog I wanted to share the surprising information I had uncovered and that some might find this data interesting, perhaps wanting to understand what it means and how we could use it to shape our future for the better.

But apparently not too many find that of interest.

Which leads to – why do people land on this web site?

When an online search leads to a click through to a web site, the search engine passes along the original search text. This can be used to help a web site optimize its content so that searchers can find the web site easily.

  • The overwhelming #1 search has to do with “trader joes in spokane” in various phrasings. When I say overwhelming, I mean about one order of magnitude greater than the next category.
  • The #2 search is looking for “movies filmed in Spokane” or similar.
  • The #3 search is “Spokane 4G” or similar, seeking information about when Spokane will get “4G” cellular data services.
  • It’s hard to say which is #4 – it is probably several kinds of searches for Spokane crime rate information.
  • #5 looks to be for searches having to do with poverty-like topics – poverty rates, “housing stress”, “poor areas in Spokane”, and perhaps we should include searches for the Spokane unemployment rate in this category too.
  • Next are topics related to the economy in Spokane including “real estate vacancies”.

Does any of this mean anything?

I am discouraged that people would rather read about frivolity than figuring out how to fill blocks of empty office and retail spaces. It fits the thesis that’s been forming in my mind: Spokane’s culture settles for “good enough” rather than striving for excellence. Too many fall into that “good enough” trap. May be I will write something about that in the future.

Off topic – many of the posts you read here are written 1 to 2 weeks before they appear. This way, when I have time and feel like reading about Spokane history, I write up half a dozen posts all at once and use a blog feature to schedule their appearance int the future. I don’t write every day, even if it looks like I do 🙂

This post was written a week before you are reading it. By the time it appears here, I will have already set up posts out to nearly the end of November!

Update: A comment to this post wonders when we will see some solutions, rather than documenting what is. Timely! I have a sequence of posts queued up out through Nov 29th that are leading towards a plan of action.  In the queue are many posts on innovation and creativity.  For a long time I have kept notes on ideas for new approaches and it seems likely this will finally emerge in December. It’s coming!


Unmanned fire engine hits Spokane home

Unmanned fire engine hits Spokane home – News Story – KXLY Spokane.

This isn’t economic or demographic… just embarrassing.

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